Why SAV●MOR Foods is a great place to work

SAV●MOR Foods is an Employee-Owned company, which means we take pride in what we off our friends & neighbors.

"Building a strong financial future for every employee-owner is why we are committed to our Mission."

We're looking for friendly outgoing people who have the energy and enthusiasm to help fulfill our Vision of being the cleanest, friendliest stores with the freshest foods.


Member Snapshots

Barbara Anderson
Safety Leader, Redding
"We have created a storewide commitment to being pro-active and holding each other accountable. One way we do that is by setting goals and then celecrating when we achieve those goals."
Rusty Cooper
Meat Dept. Manager, Orland
"I love what I do. If you enjoy your work, it's easy to bring your A game every day."
Brenda Brown
Payroll Manager
"I believe that employee ownership is a big reason why more of our people are taking responsibility for our company's success, and, correspondingly, a big reason why our company has increased in value."
Cathy Newton
Inventory Control Manager, Quincy
"This is such a great place to work! I've made some awesome friends, met several amazing people, & have had a lot of great experiences. Each day brings challenges to overcome and new ideas to try out. We are always evolving as a company, growing exponentially each year. Every day is exciting and different. I just love it!"
Ron Rath
Produce Dept. Manager, Corning
"I'm fully committed to driving our share value to $200 per share. I see the growth momentum we are building in our company and have no doubt that we can reach that goal"
Norma Murillo
Head Clerk, Orland
"Our work here is more than just a paycheck. We are a community of people working together to build something special for all of us."