Job Detail For - Night Crew 11pm-730am

Job Id: 108
Date Open: 08/10/2018 Date Close: 02/10/2019

Short Description
Night Crew 11pm-730am

Long Description
Must be friendly, high energy and enjoy team work. The shift will mainly be an 11pm-730am shift. The job en tales the following; facing, stocking back stock, breaking down and working loads, various cleaning, organizing and cleaning the back rooms. Must be able to keep a fast pace for duration of entire shift and pick up the pace during the busy times. No experience is required just a willingness to learn, work hard and be open to constructive criticism. Full training will be provided for this position. The harder you work the more potential to get more hours and potential to move into a management position if desired.

Magalia Sav Mor

Lateral Transfer Preferred

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